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Carlos partners with Alignment Nutrition in providing meal prep/planning, and nutritional coaching. 

Hear what our customers have to say

I can't say enough good things about Carlos and the Body of Truth! I highly recommend his services. Carlos is extremely professional and truly cares about the people he is working with. In regards to the InBody test specifically, the feedback my members are able to receive is invaluable. Using this tool is a great way to assess and reassess body composition progress. Having utilized the BodPod, skin folds measurements, and handheld devices in the past, the ease of operation and accuracy of the InBody test is fantastic! The Body of Truth now has become a great staple of our nutrition challenges at EDGE Fitness & Strength.

Chris Estridge, EDGE Fitness & Strength, Owner and Head Coach

"My name is Vernon Garard and I am the owner of IXF CrossFit in Greenwood Indiana.  We have had Body of Truth come to our gym for several events and to help us during nutrition challenges. This has helped us immensely when providing valuable nutrition information to our clients.   Previously, we had used hand held impedance devices and now we are able, with the help from Body of Truth, give much more accurate and detailed information to our client. This allows us to help our members reach their goals quicker and safer. If you really want to know the truth about your body, you should call Carlos at Body of Truth."

Vernon Garard, Owner IXF CrossFit

Meet Carlos Wood, Owner 

Carlos Wood was born and raised in Northern Indiana. Moved down to Central Indiana and hasn’t left. Carlos has his B.S., in Physical Education and Health from Purdue and Indiana University.  He started his fitness career as a Wrestling coach and progressed into personal training, eventually leading to his current position as a Peer Fitness Trainer for the Indianapolis Fire Department as well as an EMT .  He has over 20 years of experience in the professional fitness industry.  Carlos is a life long student of the Profession staying on Top of the cutting-edge of Fitness and Nutrition always keeping his clients best interests at heart.  

Certifications Include

Ace PT

Crossfit Level 1 Kettlebell Cert

Concept 2 Rowing Cert

Eat to Perform Certified (certified in the principles and philosophy of nutrition and programming for enhancing the performance in athletes and individuals looking to improve their health and body composition.)  


Precision Nutrition


"As a Personal Trainer and as an advocate for health and wellness, finding more efficient ways to get results and to see results other than the traditional bathroom scale, is very important. Inbody presents a lot of useful and motivational data to support all of us on our health and fitness journeys. I am a believer! Carlos Wood is a very professional and outstanding business man who is great to work with! I use Inbody often as a great tool for progression with myself and clients."

       Kimber Via, Personal Trainer/YogaFit Instructor

"Outreach partnered with Body of Truth for an event that we were hosting in which 360 athlete competed in a CrossFit team competition.  I first hand experienced what Body of Truth does and shares with those that take advantage a body composition analysis.  Carlos educated individuals on what their body was composed of (muscle, fat and water).  Sharing with them what they could work on to become strong or more balanced in their workout regimen.   I was so impressed that I too tried the assessment.  This helped me to understand my hydration level, which side of my body was dominate, my sedentary caloric burn rate and what I should focus on.  There was no “body shaming” but empowerment, knowledge and thoughtful encouragement to become healthier.  I would highly recommend working with Body of Truth as either an individual or group to understand your overall composition.  This can be the kick starter to help you become healthier."

Eric Howard, Founder/CEO Outreach